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The live International Collaborative Webinar Series is aimed at health and social care professionals who provide care for dying people, as well as those members of the public who are interested in the societal issues around death and dying in the 21st century.

The Webinar series aims to:

  • raise awareness of the work of the International Collaborative

  • explore pertinent topics related to best care for the dying person

  • share evidence-based methods to improve care for the dying

  • explore societal issues relating to death and dying.

Webinars are recorded and made available for you to watch at your leisure.  See below for more.  



17/06/2021:     Can We Demystify Dying?

  • Recognising dying

  • Groundbreaking potential prognosticators

  • Preventing death rattle

17/11/2021:     Improving Practice: Why end of life care research matters

  • Core outcomes in care for the dying

  • Living well, dying well: the iLIVE project

  • End of life care during the COVID19 pandemic

31/03/2022:     Is Advance Care Planning worth advancing?

  • Following the Science: The lessons of Advance Care Planning

  • Shifting to Serious Illness Communication

08/09/2022:     Dying in the Digital Age: Are you prepared? 

  • Navigating the business of death online: planning for and managing our digital remains, assets and memorialisation

  • Death and dying in the Metaverse - what can we expect?  

08/12/2022:     Global Challenges for Opioid Use in Care for the Dying Person 

  • Is having access to end of life anticipatory medications in the home reassuring and helpful? 

  • Lack of access to opioids globally is a barrier to optimal palliative care 

30/03/2023:     Families' perceptions of how we care for their dying relatives 

  • What can we learn from the voices of bereaved relatives? 

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