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The International Collaborative for Best Care for the Dying Person has seven core objectives.

  • Build on, extend and foster the collaborative working relationship established during the OPCARE9 EU 7th Framework Project, guided by the principles of the International Collaborative for Best Care for the Dying Person

  • Drive forward an international ‘care for the dying’ research agenda and undertake collaborative international research

  • Encourage international learning and teaching collaborations to improve care for the dying

  • Set, articulate, and nurture values, quality indicators, obligations and strategic aims related to care for the dying across the international clinical community

  • Provide an international platform for health professionals to communicate with each other to improve the care for the dying

  • Support the development of an international model for clinical documentation of care at the end of life, together with associated materials and processes, within a five year Quality Assurance Cycle

  • Develop an effective communication strategy across international

Our members contribute to the objectives by participating in four Collaborative Work Themes.

partners to enable innovative growth in support of dynamic international care for the dying work streams

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Research & Development

Learning & Teaching

Quality Assurance

International Collaborative 10/40 Model for Best Care for the Dying Person

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