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Whether it be communication skills or various aspects of clinical care, healthcare teams cannot provide the best care for dying people unless their staff are properly educated.  The International Collaborative is committed to enabling access to appropriate learning and development opportunities that will directly impact the standard of patient care.

The Collaborative's 10/40 Model has been designed to facilitate best care for the dying person, but its implementation in a clinical setting will be unsuccessful unless it is supported by a robust and continuous programme of education and training. 

The 10/40 Education Syllabus

Every clinical setting is different, and the delivery of personalised care needs personalised training.  Depending upon factors such as size, location, and the level of existing knowledge among their staff, training needs differ vastly from organisation to organisation, so a 'one size fits all' approach is neither effective nor appropriate. 


The Facilitator Network is currently developing a suite of training resources, including a competency framework and suggested syllabus content to assist organisations in designing education programmes that meet their own specific needs.  We anticipate that this will be made available in 2021.


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The Education Endorsement Framework

We're pleased to offer member organisations a platform to promote their local edcuation and training courses in support of our vision for "a world where all people experience a good death as an integral part of their individual life, supported by the very best personalised care".

To qualify for endorsement, courses must:

  1. Address at least one of the Collaborative’s constitutional objectives

  2. Offer a discounted registration fee to Collaborative members (minimum 10%)

  3. Be approved by the Executive Committee


Benefits of Course Endorsement

Courses endorsed by the Collaborative are offered a free advertising package that includes:

  • advertisement on the Best Care for the Dying website

  • listing in the regular Member Update emails 

  • an “endorsed by the International Collaborative” logo for inclusion on course marketing materials


Applying for Course Endorsement

To apply for endorsement, complete a Course Endorsement Proposal and send it to the Coordinating Centre at  Your proposal will be considered by the Executive Committee and a decision notified within two weeks.  

To apply for endorsement, send a completed Course Endorsement Proposal to the Coordinating Centre

Course Endorsement Proforma.png
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