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Holding Hands

2023 aims and objectives

The Executive Committee sets annual objectives to support the achievement of the core aims of the International Collaborative.  The objectives for 2023 are set out below.  

Aim 1:  Undertake international research in care for the dying








Submit two further papers for publication to disseminate the findings of the ERANet LAC CODE project

Validate the CODE questionnaire in at least three further languages (Spanish, Portuguese and Kannada (Indian language))

EU Horizon 2020 iLIVE Project:

  • To ensure deliverables are submitted in line with reviesd timelines

  • To publish and disseminate at least two papers

To publish and disseminate at least two papers on the international Co-LIVE research project

2023 Strategic Objectives:

Aim 2:  Drive forward an international 'care for the dying' research strategy










To resubmit the international research project on the Serious Illness Care Programme (COMCARE) to the EU Research Programme

To develop an EU Marie Curie PhD Programme linked to the International Collaborative

To deliver the annual Research Thinktank meeting

Prepare a paper for publication on optimal oral care practice for the dying person

Publish and disseminate the results of the Delphi survey on the Collaborative's 40 core outcomes for care for the dying

Submit the 40 core outocmes for publication on tohe COMET database

Undertake an Implementation Research study on the 10/40 Model strategies and effectiveness in Latin America and Spain

Facilitate a PhD study on the 10/40 Model in India.

2023 Strategic Objectives:

Aim 3:  Encourage international learning and teaching collaborations to improve care for the dying





Advertise five locally-run courses on the website

Develop a funding bid to Erasmus for the development of a European network to advance practice in care for the dying across Europe, to include a training course for the 10/40 Model

Deliver education opportunities to the wider healthcare community by preparing and delivering a series of four online webinars

2023 Strategic Objectives:

Aim 4:  Support the development of the International Collaborative 10/40 Model for Best Care for the Dying Person and associated materials/processes within the Quality Improvement Framework








Develop a structure for the strategic development of the 10/40 Model

Link health services bereavement practices with the Quality Improvement Framework, including CODE

Encourage take-up of the 10/40 Model and provide support to the 20 organisations with congruence-approved documentation, underpinned by the Facilitator Network

To disseminate findings of the 10/40 Delphi Study to those organisations that have congruent documents

To hold an online meeting with all organisations that have achieved congruence to present Delphi results.

Maintain four established International Collaborative Reference Centres and support the further development of two others

Promote the Quality Improvement Framework

2023 Strategic Objectives:

Aim 5:  Develop an effective communication strategy within the International Collaborative






Implement an 18-month strategic content development plan for the website

Link to the iLIVE website and, when iLIVE finishes, merge relevant content into the Collaborative website

Maintain bi-monthly mailshot communications via the new website

Establish a subgroup, including representation from the CM team in iLIVE, to oversee the development of the Collaborative's online presence

Build and utilise linkages with WP8 of iLIVE to disseminate the Collaborative's work

2023 Strategic Objectives:

Aim 6:  Globally disseminate the work of the International Collaborative


Promote the work of the Collaborative at the following:

  • Latin American Congress of Palliative Care, November 2022

  • Indian Association of Palliative Care congress, February 2023

  • EAPC World Congress, June 2023

  • Asia-Pacific Hospice Network Conference, October 2023

  • PAL 2024, Montreal

2023 Strategic Objectives:

Aim 6:  Organise and promote international meetings to advocate best care for the dying person







Hold an Annual General Meeting at the 8th Annual Symposium in Rotterdam, November 2023

Deliver the 8th Annual Symposium in Rotterdam, November 2023

Develop the programme for the 9th Annual Symposium in Porto (2024)

Agree and announce the date and location of the 2025 Annual Symposium

Deliver the Summer School event in 2023

Develop a sustainable model for Summer School to increase attendance levels

2023 Strategic Objectives:

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