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The International Collaborative for Best Care for the Dying Person is an innovative global network of clinicians and researchers working together in pursuit of their remarkable shared vision:

A world where all people experience a good death as an integral part of their individual life, supported by the very best personalised care.

The Collaborative was formed in 2014 by a group of colleagues from 12 countries who had previously worked together on the OPCARE9 project, an EU FP7 Coordination and Support Action Grant to optimise research for the care of cancer patients in the last days of life.

Since then, the Collaborative has grown to encompass members from 22 countries on six continents. 

All of our members benefit from the support of the Collaborative and their international peers as they work to improve the care provided to dying people and their families in their own locality.


Click on the boxes below to read more about the various aspects of the Collaborative's structure and how it functions.

Executive Committee

International Collaborative members

Facilitator Network


International Collaborative 10/40 Model

Research and Development

Quality Assurance

Learning and Teaching

International Collaborative Coordinating Centre

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