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International Collaborative Reference Centres provide support to health and social care services in a given region or country to develop, implement, and formally embed the 10/40 Model within the core business and quality governance structure of their individual organisations.

Achieving Reference Centre status positions an organisation at the forefront of quality improvement activity in care for the dying at regional and/or national level.

Reference Centres enhance the assistance already available from the International Collaborative Coordinating Centre by providing knowledge and advice based on direct experience of implementing the 10/40 Model within the cultural norms, national policies, and healthcare economy of a specific country.  Reference Centres also maintain oversight of the activity undertaken by the participating organisations in its locality to underpin the 10/40 Model's sustainability.


The Collaborative currently has four Reference Centres.  Click the tabs above to find out more


The opportunity to establish a Reference Centre is available to organisations that meet the following criteria:

  • The organisation is formally registered with the International Collaborative and its membership fees are up to date

  • The proposed lead personnel for the Reference Centre have attended an International Collaborative Foundation Course

  • The organisation:

  • currently supports 10 or more centres/organisations registered with the International Collaborative​


  • has run a one-day awareness course on a care plan congruent with the 10/40 Model and the work of the International Collaborative for 10 centres that may wish to join the Collaborative.

Further information on the function and responsibilities of Reference Centres can be found in the Reference Centre Development document or by contacting the Coordinating Centre.

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