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Executive Committee sets out ambitious plans for 2021

At its latest meeting, the International Collaborative's Executive Committee approved its most ambitious set of aims and objectives to date.

The 2021 objectives include the development of eleven research projects, reflecting the Collaborative's focus on the delivery of world class research. Also included are plans for wider educational engagement with the development of a webinar series, and an online communication strategy to introduce the Collaborative and its work to as wide an audience as possible.

Professor John Ellershaw, Chair of the Executive Committee, said "Despite the challenges of the global pandemic, the International Collaborative continued to grow and develop throughout the past year. The objectives we have set for 2021 reflect our ambition to position the Collaborative at the forefront of international research and education in end of life care, and our determination to sustain the remarkable progress made in 2020. I am in no doubt that the commitment and enthusiasm of our members will see these objectives being achieved."

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