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Implementing the 10/40 Model in India

Back in 2016, Professor John Ellershaw and Dr Susie Wilkinson visited India to deliver a International Collaborative Foundation Course, which gave an overview of the Collaborative's work and focused in particular on the implementation of the 10/40 Model for Best Care for the Dying Person.

Since then, an enormous amount of work has been done by colleagues in India, and the 10/40 Model has been implemented in three clinical sites:

  1. Bangalore Baptist Hospital

  2. Karunashraya Hospice

  3. Kasturba Medical Centre Manipal.

On 3 April 2023, 10/40 Model facilitators from these three organisations were invited to share their work at a meeting of the Facilitator Network, and each delivered a fascinating presentation that illustrated the huge scale of work undertaken, and the challenges and successes that have been encountered along the way. International Collaborative members can watch the presentations by clicking the button below.

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