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New paper gives voice to health care professionals caring for dying people during pandemic

Published in Palliative Medicine, a new research paper from Collaborative colleagues engaged in the Co-LIVE study is the first to highlight the experiences of health and social care professionals caring for dying people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This qualitative study found that the pressures of the pandemic increased the practical and emotional pressures faced by health care professionals, including:

  • increases in the number of patients receiving end of life care

  • reduced staffing levels due to staff sickness and redeployment

  • deaths among colleagues and professionals' own family members

  • dilemmas and tensions among staff and relatives in relation to end-of-life visits

The study also suggests that working environments that advocate self-care and reflection, as well as access to psychological support, are required in order to promote the well-being of clinicians both during and after a pandemic.

You can access the full Palliative Medicine paper here:

The study was embedded within a national UK survey undertaken as part of the International Collaborative's iLIVE project, led by Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

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