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Improve your communication skills

A new online Advanced Communication Skills Training course has been endorsed by the International Collaborative Executive Committee.

Good communication skills are a vital part of providing good clinical and compassionate health and social care, and high-quality education is vital to supporting its delivery. The two-day online Advanced Communication Skills Training (ACST) course offered by the Centre for Communication Skills Education and Training at the University of Liverpool's Palliative Care Unit delivers exactly that.

Designed for doctors, nurses and allied health professionals, the course aims to increase participants' awareness of their own communication skills and explore strategies for their improvement. Facilitated by Dr Susie Wilkinson and Anita Roberts, and using experiential methods including role play with actors, exercises, demonstration videos and discussions, the course will enable participants to:

  • Utilise the appropriate communication skills and strategies required to handle difficult situations with empathy and compassion

  • Tailor complex information to meet the needs of patients and carers

  • Reflect upon and critically appraise their own communication skills

  • Show awareness of the evidence base concerning optimal communication skills

You can read more about this course, including how to register, on the Endorsed Courses page of our website.

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