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NEW EVENT: Research Thinktank, 23rd June

At 13:00 BST on Wednesday 23rd June the International Collaborative will hold its first 'Research Thinktank' - an online event that offers members the opportunity to 'pitch' their ideas for future collaborative research to the Executive Committee.

Back in March, we invited members to submit their ideas for research projects for consideration by the Executive Committee, and we're pleased to say that the six most promising submissions have each been invited to make a five-minute presentation at the Thinktank. Presentations will be followed by group discussions, open to all Collaborative members, in which submissions can be examined in more detail.

This members-only event will shape our research strategy and ensure that all of our members have a say in the Collaborative's future direction, and we very much hope that you will attend and contribute to the discussions.

Save the date now to be sure that you can join us for this exciting interactive event!

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